Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies of 2021

Highest Grossing Movies

Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies of 2021 : After 2020 2021 was quite a difficult year for cinema goers worldwide with the pandemic keeping theaters closed amid all this still many movies managed to release in the theaters and raked in the mullah from the chinese war movie the battle at lake changin to marvel’s spider-man no way home eternals and shang chai here are the top 10 highest grossing movies of 2021 so far.

10. Eternals

Eternals is unlike any mcu movie we have ever seen it’s open-ended for almost everyone and how they would turn up in future mcu movies is definitely something to look out for eternals tells the story of a race of immortal beings with superhuman powers who have secretly lived on earth for thousands of years reunite to battle the evil deviants the film has grossed over 400 million dollars worldwide becoming the 10th highest grossing film of 2021 so is eternals worth watching absolutely.

9. Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings

Shang chi in the legend of 10 rings which is the 25th film and part of phase 4 in the marvel cinematic universe is a huge hit but it has yet to reach its full potential on a global scale also it’s marvel’s first all-asian superhero movie which begins hundreds of years ago with a small origin story for wendwolf but the bulk of the movie takes place after the events of avengers endgame a specific year isn’t given but it’s safe to assume it’s either in late 2023 similar to spider-man far from home grossing over 432 million dollars worldwide it has made its way to be the ninth highest grossing film of 2021.

8. Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla vs kong is one of the biggest event movies of the year and full of great action scenes but nobody knew if that was enough to get people to leave their homes the release of godzilla vs kong was more of an experiment than anything it was one of the first movies to hit theaters after they reopened and it was the film that studios would use to gauge how they should go about releasing their movies grossing over 467 million dollars worldwide godzilla vs kong broke several pandemic box office records and made a whole 80 million dollars more than its predecessor godzilla king of monsters.

7. Venom: Let there be Carnage

Venom let there be carnage was delayed from an initial release date due to the pandemic but still managed to gross over 500 million dollars worldwide becoming the seventh highest grossing film of 2021 just like the first movie critics hate venom let there be carnage but that didn’t stop the sequel from becoming a massive success let there be carnage is one of those cases where movie critics and fans were divided and the follow-up gave fans everything they loved about the original and more is venom let there be carnage better than venom well both films are very close the original film can be praised overall for the plot and action scenes them let there be carnage has the better balance of the two though venom.

6. Detective Chinatown 3

Let there be carnage is still in theaters it’s unlikely that it’ll pull in the extra dollar 200 million to be detective chinatown 3. the crime movie is the first of three chinese movies released this year to make the top 10 highest grossing list which has never happened before the movie has broken several records including having the highest opening weekend in a single market of all time as it made almost dollar 400 million in its opening weekend in china it’s a fun slapstick action movie which the domestic market would probably love but it hasn’t made as much of a splash in english-speaking territories.

5. F9

Again f9 would have made literally hundreds of millions of dollars more if not for the global pandemic but universal thankfully decided against delaying the movie anymore as it had already been delayed by a year and gave the fans what they wanted the studio was still able to make more than any other movie would have in the same situation and that’s largely down to how audiences were dying to see the crew go into space that’s one thing this series succeeds in more than other franchises as the producers listen to what the fans want whether they’re being ironic or not and they give them exactly that and with that mindset the fast and furious series will always be a huge money maker.

4. No Time To Die

No time to die is another movie that has been finished for a good year it has just been sitting around gathering dust and waiting to be released but the movie was worth the wait as it’s the perfect ending to daniel craig’s tenure as james bond and in a lot of ways it’s unlike any other bond movie fans flock to multiplexes to find out how the five movie story arc would be wrapped up which led to a huge dollar 774 million worldwide groves however though it sounds strange that a movie so successful could actually lose money there have been reports that with the budget and marketing costs totaled up no time to die is still dollar 100 million in the red.

3. Hi, Mom

Hindmom is a huge success story for chinese cinema as the popularity of the comedy drama was based mostly on word of mouth and it’s the highest grossing female directed movie of all time to however although highmom is officially the third highest grossing movie of 2021 it may not entirely be the truth the idea that the movie made dollar 841 million worldwide is a little hard to believe as it hasn’t even had a release in any territories outside of china yet.

2. The Battle At Lake Changjin

Second on the list of highest grossing movies of 2021 is yet another chinese movie the battle of lake changing and the movie’s gross is even more interesting than high mom it’s the most expensive chinese film to date as it had a huge budget of dollar 200 million but the risk paid off as it’s the highest grossing chinese movie ever made the movie is a three-hour war epic that depicts chinese soldiers fighting american troops and it has been largely shrugged off as propaganda especially as it was government sponsored however the movie still somehow managed to overcome its notoriety and despite being riddled with historical inaccuracies it has made over dollar 900 million.

1. Spiderman: No Way Home

Topping the list of highest grossing movies of 2021 is the unbeatable and the unstoppable spiderman no way home tom holland’s terra movie is officially the highest grossing hollywood movie of the pandemic era the spidey movie is out in theaters worldwide and is raking in big moolah with incredible cast performances story visual effects and action sequences you might not know it has ended until it’s too late as per box office mojo the movie has crossed another milestone surpassing 900 million dollars globally and on the pace to one billion dollars with the mind-blowing numbers the movie has become the biggest hollywood movie of the year.

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