Top 10 Best Hollywood Horror Movies Of 2021 | Best Horror Movies On Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube

Best Hollywood Horror Movies

Top 10 Best Hollywood Horror Movies Of 2021 | Best Horror Movies On Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube

2021 closed now is the time to reflect on the past 12 months and for horror movie fans it was quite a year whether you prefer a psychological horror film that will leave you thinking or a slasher film that will make you scream so loud there’s plenty of new movies to pick from and to make things easy for you we have picked top 10 best horror movies of 2021 so let’s start

10. Spiral

Spiral it is a 2021 horror film directed by daryn lin bausman this movie continues the saw franchise as the ninth movie in the series spyral follows zeke banks and his rookie partner as they take charge of an investigation into grisly murders and search for a mysterious killer who is targeting cops and playing a mysterious and deadly game while investigating the case zeke unwittingly entrapped in a deepening mystery and finds himself at the centre of the killer game if you want to watch intense horror thriller then this terrifying new movie from the book of saw is for you

9. The 8th night

It is a korean horror mystery film directed by tae hye and kim many centuries ago buddha defeated a demon and ripped out his red and black eyes hiding them in caskets one far east and the other far west but when an archaeologist finds the red eye in the desert he plots a scheme to reunite the eyes and awake the demon which gains strength with each human at kill to stop an archaeologist evil plan detective investigating the murders has to team up with a young monk who has been tasked to stop a demon that has been awakened after being locked away for 2500 years though this movie not as gory as our other picks but this demon hunting story is plenty creepy

8. Wrong Turn

Wrong turn they don’t come back this 2021 horror thriller film is a reboot of the famous wrong turn film franchise and it follows the story of jen and her friends who set off for hiking on the appalachian trail and despite repeated warnings they decide to stay off course and cross into land inhabited by a hidden community of the forest cult the foundation who use deadly means to protect their way of life suddenly under siege the friends seem headed to the point of no return unless one man can reach them in time overall this movie is gory and has enough jaw-dropping scenes to keep you on the edge of your seat on

7. No one gets out alive

It’s a 2021 british horror film directed by santiago menini the story follows desperate and undocumented mexican immigrant woman named amber who moves into a cleveland boarding house in united states but her life gets upside down when she finds that the owner of the house is actually a cult member who sacrifice women’s to a centuries-old creature to remain immortal although the movie has less jump scares but it’s definitely worth a watch

6. The feast

It is a 2021 fantasy horror film directed by lee haven jones the story follows a wealthy family who gathers for dinner at an estate in welsh mountains the family invites two guests a businessman and a neighboring farmer whose intent is to secure a business deal to mine in the nearby countryside that very evening when a mysterious young woman arrives to be the family’s waitress for the evening they find their beliefs and values challenged as her quiet yet disturbing presence begins to unravel their lives slowly deliberately and with the most terrifying consequences

5. Antlers

It’s a diabolical spirit based on the short story the quiet boy by nick antosca antlers is a 2021 supernatural horror film directed by scott cooper the story is set in an isolated oregon town where a middle school teacher and her sheriff brother suspects that one of her students is suffering from personal problems in his home life but they are unaware that the student is harboring a dangerous entity in his house to help the boy they unknowingly uncover dark secrets connected to him which lead to terrifying encounters with a legendary ancestral creature who came before them

4. Fear street

We can end the curse for shady side it is a 2021 netflix horror movie trilogy based on best-selling book series of the same name the overall story revolves around teenagers in the small town of shadyside who wants to free their town from the curse placed by a witch sarah fire before she was executed for witchcraft in 1666 years after which death when a series of brutal murders starts to occur this teens vows to find the solution to end this evil curse that have tortured their town for over 300 years the movie has very intense story and many suspense and jump scares which will keep you on edge from start to the end

3. Malignant

Malignant directed by james wan malignant is based on an original story by james ingrid bissou and cooper the film stars annabelle wallace as madison who begins to have visions of people being murdered and her trauma worsens when she discovers that these visions she is having in her dreams are in fact terrifying realities and the movie gets really intense when madison decides to investigate the murders to find and save the victims overall if you want to watch a perfect slasher horror movie of 2021 then this should be your first choice on number

2. The conjuring the devil made me do it

It is a 2021 supernatural horror film directed by michael chavis the film serves as the eighth installment in the conjuring universe and a sequel to the conjuring one and two the story follows paranormal investigators ed and lorraine warren as they take one of the most sensational case of their careers after cop arrested a young man arne cheyenne johnson who stabs and murders his landlord claiming to be under demonic possession to solve the mystery ed and lorraine warren investigate the case and try to prove his innocence the conjuring movies has always been the best and this one also is no exception

1. Last night in soho

I have to stop him this is not just a best horror film it is also one of the best hollywood film of 2021 this psychological horror stars thomas and mckenzie as louise anya taylor joy as sandy the story follows louise an aspiring fashion designer who is mysteriously gets transported to the 1960s where she encounters a dazzling singer sandy however the glamour is not all it appears to be and the dreams of the past start to crack and splinter into something far darker that’s it for today thank you…

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