Top 10 Best Crime Thrillers in 2022

Top 10 Best Crime Thrillers

Top 10 Best Crime Thrillers in 2022 : Crime thrillers are one of the most popular and beloved generous among ordinary viewers and film critics often this kind of movies take top places in various ratings and receive all kind of awards we’ve collected 20 of these movies and we’re sure that it won’t disappoint you now you’re watching the first part we hope that you will find something new to watch so let’s not waste any time and begin.

Top 10 Best Crime Thrillers in 2022

10. The town

There are over 300 bank robberies in boston over the year and most of the robbers and other criminals live in the charleston area doug mcrae is one of them but before that he professionally played hockey until he became the brain setter of a gang of robbers which include his buddies dog his accomplices skillfully and without a trace clean out the banks but one day the raid doesn’t go according to plan after that the robbers risk being discovered this is the second ben affleck’s film as a director based on chuck hogan’s prince of thieves the chases and skirmishes are excellently staged in this movie but even more attention is paid to the dramatic component affleck was clearly inspired by such movies as heat and point break therefore if you are fans of these movies feel free to watch affleck’s film 10th place the town.

9. Uncut gems

Howard ratner is the owner of jelly store in new york diamond street he takes money from colleagues at high interest rates doesn’t give anything back and runs away from the collectors because he’s sure that soon everything will change the rare opal was brought to him from ethiopia which glows with all existing colors and resembles the small pocket universe hobart is going to sell it and get rich but everything are not going according to plan and how word is getting more and more involved in trouble a dramatic crime thriller by the very talented filmmakers safti in 2017 they announced themselves with another crime film good time which was warmly received at the khan’s film festival and softie was instantly compared to classics of crime films with uncut gems they confirmed that they deserve this award it is really intense and dramatic movie and was highly appreciated by both professional critics and ordinary viewers also it has already been included in several lists of best movies in the decade 9th place uncut gems.

8. LA Confidential

LA Confidential events take place in los angeles in the 50s in the center of a plot are three police officers a young lieutenant ed axley received their rank of detective indominatable brood bud white formidable on the outside but fair in the inside and sergeant jack vincenz take bribes and advises the tv series on cops lives the visitors of the night old cafe are shot and bot’s former partner was among them this case seems common to all but not to this trinity of cops who being their own investigators the movie perfectly conveys the style of 50s and visually it refers to neo-noir general of cinema where there are no positive characters an excellent crime thriller that has deservedly received words including the academy award of best adopted screenplay 8th place la confidential.

7. Drive

The main character is an unnamed driver who fixes cars in a car service during the day and moonlights as a car stuntman in the movie but at night he helps bandits in robberies giving them a lift and taking them away from their crime scene his silence term disciplined doesn’t tolerate when something doesn’t go according to plan and as for driving a car then he simply has no equal one day the driver meets a cute girl who lives next door trying to help her he is forced to get involved in a criminal showdown the movie received nominations and an award at the khan’s film festival and because of its 80s atmosphere and chic soundtrack it becomes one of those who revived the popularity and interest in the retro wave movement ryan gosling has played one of his best throats blooded and determinated men with a mysterious past 7th place drive.

6. The talented mr ripley

Tom ripley wasn’t born in a wealthy family and could only rely on himself in life once wearing someone else’s jacket with an element of prestigious university tom is mistaken for an honorary graduate ripley is in no hurry to explain that the jacket is someone else and continues to pretend that he belongs to high society thanks to his lies tom gets an offer but the further the more you have to lie and the situation becomes more and more tense the crime thriller is an adaptation of the noble with the same name by patricia heisman received five nominations and the academy award in golden globes but lost to other films that year a tense movie with bright convincing characters a fascinating story and cunning moves of the protagonist the film doesn’t lose its relevance over the years and will definitely appeal to all fans of the genre sixth place the talented mr ripley.

5. American Gangster

In 1968 the famous bobster mabley johnson dies in harlem unexpectedly for everyone literally in a matter of months the quiet driver of the deceased frank lucas earns authority on the streets and built his own criminal empire his speciality is heroin which he imports directly from the south of asia earning a million dollars a day and adhering the rules of the game established for himself he became an idol of all of harlem but detective richard roberts is already following the frank’s footsteps an incorruptible policeman who hits a new anti-narcotics unit the movie turned out in the best traditions of film about the mafia and fully justifies its name because the personality of frank lucas was really very iconic in new york one of the best films by ridley scott fifth place american gangster.

4. Joker

Gotham early eighties global economics problems and the class stratification of society has reached its peak the people despise the reach and crime has become the norm the main character is named arthur fleck he’s a loser comedian who lives in a slump with a sick mother who once worked for thomas wayne fleck is diagnosed with a personality disorder his suicidal thoughts and reacts to any stress with an uncontrollable burst of lover at the same time arthur tries to be a good person but in response to goodness from the time to time he receives only bullying flag gradually begins to go crazy a brilliantly produced film that combines elements of crime thriller and psychological drama the director of the film todd phillips was clearly inspired by martin scarces crime classic taxi driver the joker has little to do with the usual movie comics and thus becomes a new round of the development of this genre the film received well-deserved oscars for the soundtrack and the main main role as well as the many other film awards fourth place joker.

3. Ocean’s eleven

Danny ocean assistant and elegant thief leaves prison in order to immediately get involved in new adventure he will help to carry out the most complex and large-scale casino robbery literally overnight ocean picks up a team of professionals and presents an ingenious plan in which each is assigned a small but significant role a dynamic and addicting crime thriller with the great stars of the first magnitude the plot contains a whole series of puzzling tricks traps and distractions thanks to which the heroes will try to do the highest of the century and this happens with such ease and grace the two hours of screen time fly by in one breath this is a remake of classic film of the same name with frank sinatra which clearly managed to surpass the original and in general this is one of the best movies about the robberies third place ocean’s 11.

2. Nightcrawler

Lewis bloom doesn’t shun the darkest work and when there is none he’s ready to commit a crime first still in small things a young man stumbled upon a group of freelance operators in a night city who earn money by being the first to arrive at the center of an accident make an exclusive report and then sell it to tv channels the job is just right for lewis top speed and a lot of money however very soon line between can and not is erased and dangerous profession absorbs bloom headlong a very atmospheric and intense movie in which jake gyllenhaal performed one of his best roles lewis bloom is a classic anti-hero who combines both positive qualities such as outstanding dedication and negative ones lewis uses his talents not for good things the film received many nominations at various awards but unfortunately one just few of them nevertheless the movie was highly appreciated by ordinary viewers as evidenced by the height ratings on movie resources second place nightcrawler

1. The departed

Billy costigan and colin sullivan are top police academic graduates only now sullivan has sent to the police by crime boss fran costella to leak information of the mafia and costigan uses to commit a crime so the castella would pay attention to him as espionage goes both ways the operations to both are constantly disrupted but the police and gangsters begin to get about the reds and their rings a masterfully staged movie with an elegantly structured plot the confrontation between the main characters can be compared to chess game everything is so cleverly played out and dashingly twisted here the characters are perfectly reading and performed by the stars of the first magnitude the film won four oscars including statues for screenplay best director and best movie of the year one of the best works of scar seas which became a crime thriller classic overnight first place the departed.

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