The Lost Daughter Netflix Movie Review 2021

The Lost Daughter Review

The Lost Daughter Netflix Movie Review 2021

maggie gyllenhaal actor and director she’s got a new movie on netflix let’s talk about it what is up netflix fans welcome back to my channel lots of movies and lists and all those things right now we’re going to get back to the list here in a little bit but i want to talk about the brand new film that just dropped on netflix.

This is the lost daughter it’s a movie that’s getting a little bit of awards recognition in terms of nominations and olivia coleman’s performance there’s a lot of talk surrounding that so we’re going to talk briefly about the film let’s get into it so a woman’s beach vacation takes a dark turn when she begins to confront the troubles of her past our main character is a middle-aged divorcee devoted to her work as an english teacher and to her two children when her daughters leave home to be with their father in canada laida anticipates a period of loneliness and longing instead slightly embarrassed by the sensation

She feels liberated as if her life has become lighter and easier and in this movie we’re kind of focusing on her taking a holiday by the sea in a small coastal town in southern italy and the drama that we’re focusing on is she encounters this family at the beginning and their presence is unsettling and at times threatening and something happens with this family involving their young child and this kind of triggers a lot of memories from her past and what this movie is doing is it’s showing us what she had to deal with as a mother

Then what she’s seeing now a very similar-ish situation with a younger mother played by dakota johnson that’s bringing about these memories but in the midst of that she’s also having to deal with this family and there’s a bit of tension and drama that’s arising there so a fascinating different premise not uh anything like i’ve seen all year except i did see a movie called parallel mothers and while that movie was a lot different you take the title and you’re like oh i kind of applies here but this film is called the lost daughter now what does that mean i believe this movie does a beautiful job of exploring kind of what that title is all about

What she’s feeling talking olivia coleman’s character is so interesting interesting to me and trying to place myself in her shoes it’s a very difficult thing to do because unless you have had to go through this what she went through as a mother i don’t know if you’re going to relate to this film as strongly but i do think you’ll be able to appreciate it in terms of filmmaking what maggie gyllenhaal is able to do again placing us in the situation of this character bringing about her memories

within those memories we get to see a younger version of herself played by jesse buckley now while buckley is great in the role it’s very hard to capture that subtlety that olivia coleman has what she is doing uh as this character is incredible and i had her tale of her performance going in like ah she gives one of the best of the year but it’s like olivia coleman duh she’s just one of the best in hollywood but until you see what her character is going through mentally how that is affecting her now and seeing everything play out before her eyes triggering those situations it is beautiful but in its own way haunting and kind of emotional

For me as someone who plans on eventually being a dad hello future son hope you’re not watching these reviews i’m awkward uh but i see the struggle of motherhood in this film and sometimes it’s not great sometimes it’s not beautiful and you see what she is feeling as she’s just trying to live her life but on occasion kids are going to get in the way of that and the struggle that she is going through here she feels at points like she wants to rip her hair out of her head

The Lost Daughter

you see that and that’s one thing that i thought this movie did beautifully is you don’t often see that struggle on screen you see the good that comes from parenthood and there’s a lot of good i would say trust me i have a dog that’s about as far as it goes for now but you also see the bad on occasion but that’s not the the focus of this film you see the bad for the most part in this movie and that is something that uh took me aback and i said i didn’t expect that from this movie and it’s hard to watch on occasion and sometimes it’s going to make you frustrated for her

he further we go and the more she becomes unlikable in a sense the more and it sounds weird the more you almost relate to her character if you’ve had to go through that so this is me trying to put myself in those shoes and i think the movie does a beautiful job of that macky gyllenhaal is trying to evoke a very specific emotion from this movie i also see people watching this and saying well that just it didn’t quite work it was a bit dull because you can approach this from that perspective there’s this building tension throughout the film that never really culminates and never comes to pass at least in a way that will make you go oh my god like that made the movie worth that moment we never get that moment what the film is and does it’s just a lot of subtle scenes all culminating slowly and coming together not to make for this grand moment

at the end but to reach this certain point of emotion that comes from her and again this is all riding on her shoulders but it’s done fairly brilliantly by maggie gyllenhaal because you’re taking a story that is simple in almost every way but to ride on the shoulders of the emotions that we’re getting from this very different perspective of motherhood is fascinating and that for me is what the film was able to do and as someone who appreciates just really solid filmmaking along with good cinematography love the close-ups that we get in this movie i think that’s really important giving us something this personal and emotional i really appreciated this movie

i really did before i give you guys my score first of all happy new year’s eve and my wife’s birthday let me know down below if you’re watching this movie and if you appreciated it uh the lost daughter uses subtlety to bring about specific emotions that not everyone will be able to relate to but the impact is there and the filmmaking captures the proper balance i really respect this film i’m going to 78 great debut for maggie gyllenhaal again i like her as an actor but this movie proves to me that she can uh she can do it as a director so stay tuned lots of things dropped on netflix this weekend so guess what we’re going to talk about it i’ll.

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