How to get Picture in Picture (PIP) Mode in Whatsapp, Youtube, Instagram, Tinder Videos – Download Apk

Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture : Whatsapp is first time to introduce Picture in Pictures (PIP) mode to watch streaming videos without leaving app. It is not a made available as a regular app, can get it no latest Whatsapp Version application. New features are can user watch in streaming videos from a popular sites, includes as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

No longer needs to leave as app watching videos. Picture in Picture as will be leave a particular chat. Features on android emulator comes out on beta, it also known as iOS version. It will be sense as offer KaiOS application features phone. “Swipe to reply” to a messages in chat. Whatapp PIP mode can be on your android emulator smartphone.

How To Get PIP(Picture in Picture) Mode:

  • Download the latest WhatsApp beta version with the model number 2.18.301.
  • Install the download Apk file will replace your old WhatsApp app any loss in data
  • Now, link and tap on the play button
  • The video will be play in PIP Mode and directly you can increase the size.
  • You can tap on the right corner of fullscreen mode
  • And also forward and backward controls, need as watch the video in full screen mode.

How to get night mode Button in low light screen:

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app, lot of new featues in past one year. Facebook, Instagram, snapchat are also stories like a featues called as Whatsapp status and also introducing video calling and end to end encryption along as sharing file formats. Whatsapp has more than 1.2 billion just crosses as a 2 billon mark. Upcoming Whatsapp features, as might soon can see the pinned messages on the chat.

Whatsapp a request the translation for the night mode. Used as strain on the eyes at nights, whatsapp for a camera. Application as only two other options Zoom in/out and turn on/off LED flash. Whatsapp new night mode can be introduced with the coming beta updates. Whatsapp night mode option is availble for ios user using the latest version 2.17.10.

  • WhatsApp PIP mode
  • Instagram PIP mode
  • Youtube PIP mode

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