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Watch Crushed Web Series All Episodes on Amazon Mini TV

Crushed is a coming-of-age drama that has become the talk of the town, ever since it was released. The story is about sidekicks in a high school that holds some nostalgic value as it transports the viewers to the good old days of school. Aadhya Anand plays the role of Aadhya Mathur, a cute and bubbly ‘sidekick’. She’s become an internet sensation with many declaring as the ‘new crush in town’.


Crushed is the tale of a high school love affair between two friends navigating the confusion and insecurity that come with their first love.


Crushed web series has a fast-paced story and a well-written script that will keep you engaged and you will never get bored. All the actors have done their job perfectly which looks better on-screen.

Newsbugz Rating: 3.5/5

Watch Crushed Web Series All Episodes on Amazon Mini TV


Check out the complete cast details of the Crushed web series.

  • Rudhraksh Jaiswal as Samvidhan Sharma (7 Episodes)
  • Urvi Singh as Jasmine (7 Episodes)
  • Anupriya Caroli as Zoya (7 Episodes)
  • Aadhya Anand as Adhya Mathur (7 Episodes)
  • Arjun Deswal as Sahil (7 Episodes)
  • Naman Jain as Prateek (6 Episodes)
  • Shubham Pandey as Ashok Sir (6 Episodes)
  • Sachin Singh as Rajat (6 Episodes)
  • Manisha Mehra as Farah Ma’am (5 Episodes)
  • Kapil Tilhari as Jagmohan (3 Episodes)
  • Anuj Nayak as Kishore (3 Episodes)
  • Nisha Singh as Supriya (3 Episodes)
  • Sadaf Jafar as Sudha Ma’am (3 Episodes)
  • Sanchi Biyani as Geeta (3 Episodes)
  • Narendra Panjwani as Father Lawrence (3 Episodes)
  • Akanksha Pandey as Capt Poorna (2 Episodes)
  • Ashok Lal as Jagga Peon (2 Episodes)
  • Ravi Gupta as D’Mello Sir (2 Episodes)
  • TechnoYupp as Faizan (1 Episode)
  • Partha Mishra as Rahul (1 Episode)
  • Ankita Tripathi as Sister Mary (1 Episode)
  • Siddharth as Sahil’s Friend (1 Episode)
  • Ansh Mishra as Librarian (1 Episode)
  • Preeti Chavan as Vandita (1 Episode)
Watch Crushed Web Series All Episodes on Amazon Mini TV

How to Watch Crushed Web Series Online

Crushed Web Series is now available for free on Amazon Mini TV. It can be accessed using the Amazon shopping app on Android and iOS devices. Mini TV is a free streaming service integrated within the Amazon app itself so you can watch web series, comedies, and mini Movies without any subscription.

Watch Crushed Web Series All Episodes on Amazon Mini TV

Crushed Web Series Full Details

Complete details on Amazon Mini TV Crushed web series 2022,

Name: Crushed (2022)
Season: 1
Episodes: 1-7
Cast: Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Aadhya Anand, Urvi Singh, and others
Age Rating: U/A (13+)
Online Video Platform: Amazon Mini TV
Video Quality: 144p, 270p, 360p, 540p, 720p, 1080p
Release Date: 12 January 2022
Language: Hindi


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