Top 10 Most Awaited Upcoming Hollywood Movies Of 2022 | Hollywood Best Upcoming Movies 2022

Top 10 Most Awaited Upcoming Hollywood Movies Of 2022

Top 10 Most Awaited Upcoming Hollywood Movies Of 2022 | Hollywood Best Upcoming Movies 2022

Upcoming Hollywood Movies : 2022 is set to be a fantastic year for movies with some potentially massive blockbusters from every genre also we have taken a look at the biggest upcoming movies for 2022 sharing our thoughts on the movies that you need to put on your watch list so here are the 10 most anticipated movies of 2022 that you shouldn’t miss for the world.

10. The flash

Whoever you’re looking for it’s not me based on the dc comics character of the same name flash is an upcoming superhero film starring ezra miller as barry allen in case you hadn’t heard multiverse are going to be all the rage in 2022 and this movie is looking to be dc contribution to the trend although we know very little about the story which is that the film will be loosely adapted from flashpoint storyline from the comics in which barry traveled back in time to prevent his mother’s murder for which his father was falsely imprisoned in the process he ends up causing a butterfly effect and venturing into alternate dimensions across the multiverse that’s how the flash will involve at least two returning versions of batman played by ben affleck and michael keaton after marvel’s no way home fans are eager to watch dc first multiverse movie which is scheduled to be released on november 4 2022.

9. Top gun maverick

It is an upcoming action film directed by joseph kasinski it is the sequel to 1986 movie top gun starring tom cruise and jennifer connelly in a lead roles the story will be set 30 years after the events of the first film and will follow maverick who is now a flight instructor teaching the next generation of young pilots for a specialised mission but when he unexpectedly meet with the son of his late friend he faces an uncertain future and forced to confront his own deepest fears that threatens his mission which demands the ultimate sacrifice whether this new film will be as good as the first film is remains to be seen but there’s sure to be plenty of nostalgia to be enjoyed for longtime fans of this film and the movie is set to be released on 27 may 2022.

8. Light year

Light year to infinity and the toy story franchise has come to an end but there is still more fun to be had with these character light year is of upcoming animated sci-fi action-adventure film which tells the origin story of buzz lightyear a hero how he became so famous that they turned him into a toy the film will explore how a young test pilot became the space ranger that we all know him to be today fresh off his stint as the mcu’s captain america chris evans will lend his voice to the real buzz lightyear overall the movie will showcase light year origin and his adventures to infinity and beyond and the movie is set to be released on 17 june 2022.

7. Black adam

Based on the dc comics character of the same name it is an upcoming superhero film which stars dwayne johnson in the lead role this movie is intended to be a spin-off from shasm and will tell the origin story of black adam also it is 11th film in the dc extended universe the story follows a powerful anti-hero black adam an ancient champion filled with the power of shasm who became corrupted in ancient times before returning to our modern world the film will also bring the legendary justice society of america to the big screen for the first time with pierce brosnan as dr fate and the movie is scheduled to be released on 29 july 2022.

6. Fantastic beasts the secrets of dumbledore

It is an upcoming fantasy film directed by david yates it is the sequel to fantastic beasts the crimes of grindelwald and the third installment in the fantastic beasts film series the film is set in the 1930s after the events of the crimes of grindelwald as newt and his companions continue to pursue the evil wizard as he try to seize the control of the wizarding world with grindelwald power rapidly growing albus dumbledore assign newt scamander and his friends on a mission that will lead to a clash with grindelwald’s army and will lead dumbledore to consider how long he will stay on the sidelines in the approaching war so get ready to see this mind-blowing magical fantasy movie scheduled to release on 8 april 2022.

5. Jurassic world dominion

It is an upcoming science fiction adventure film directed by colin trevorrow it is the sequel to jurassic world fallen kingdom and the sixth installment in the jurassic park franchise the film is set four years after the events of jurassic world fallen kingdom in which genetically engineered dinosaurs were auctioned to companies around the world while others were released on the u.s mainland the story takes place around the world and represent humans living with dinosaurs the big news here is that original jurassic park stars sam neal laura dern will reprise their characters and join the series regulars chris pratt and bryce dallas howard and the movie is set to release on 10 june 2022.

4. Thor love and thunder

Thor love and thunder directed by taikawatiti it is an upcoming superhero film based on the marvel comics character 4. the story will be set after avengers end game and according to the director the film will adapt the story from mighty thor comic book which sees portman’s character jane foster take on the mantle and powers of thor while suffering from cancer the movie also features christian bale as gore the god butcher along with returning cast valkyrie and lady siff and you can also expect appearances from the characters of the guardians of the galaxy overall with director signature sense of humor and a killer soundtrack no doubt this one is bound to be another blockbuster from marvel and this movie is set to release on 8 july 2022.

3. Avather 2

Remember this movie well yes it is a james cameron movie about the blue guys that smashed box office records years ago and became highest grossing film of all time after james cameron promised several sequels to this movie in 2022 we’ll finally get the first one despite all the years that passed details are still somewhat scarce but hear what we know so far the story will follow jake sully and nathiri as they explore the different regions of pandora alongside now they have formed a family and are doing anything to stay together however when an old threat returns to finish what they started jake materia and the army of the navi race have to protect their planet while expectations is sky-high it will be worth seeing if cameron can capture the same level of intrigue he did in the pre-mcu world and the movie is set to release on 16 december 2022.

2. The batman

Friendlies i’m not so sure it is an upcoming superhero film based on the dc comics character batman directed by matt reeves this film is set to reboot the batman film franchise with its new lead stars robert pattinson as bruce wayne and zoe kravitz as catwoman the story will be set in his second year of fighting crime where the batman pursues the infamous riddler a serial killer who targets the elite gotham city citizens during the investigation he uncovers a dark conspiracy and corruption connected to his own family forcing him to make dangerous allies to catch the riddler and bring the corrupted ones to justice according to the director this film would question the nature of heroism as batman is more flawed than traditional superheroes and unable to control himself while seeking to work out his rage and inflect his kind of justice and the movie is scheduled for release on march 4 2022.

1. DR strange and the multiverse of madness

What what do you know about the multiverse believe me anticipation will be sky high for this movie this marvel film is a sequel to doctor strange and it is the 28th film in the marvel cinematic universe the story will be set after the events of one division loki and spider-man no way home where doctor strange casts a forbidden spell that opens the door to the mysterious madness called the multiverse now to restore a world where everything is changing strange seeks help from his ally wong the sorcerer supreme and the avengers most powerful scarlet witch wanda but a terrible threat looms over humanity and the entire universe surprisingly looks exactly like doctor strange the movie is directed by sam rimey and judging from the first teaser it’s going to be a wild ride and the movie is set to release on 6 may 2022.

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